We are people from all over the world (US, Poland, India, Pakistan) who want to bring back free social media using web3 and blockchain technologies. We are working on a product which will effectively fight against disinformation, fake news, bots and trolls who spread propaganda or impose their point of view, depriving people of independent thinking.
We want to restore and shift the full decision-making power for managing their data back to the users, instead of allowing data to be traded by large corporations.
No censorship, no blocking or restrictions - but effectively maintaining the principles of mutual respect and having valuable conversations.

However, in addition to restoring human relationships in the digital space, we want to be actively involved in outreach beyond the internet.

Today, the world is in a dangerous place.
Starting with climate problems, ending with pandemics or the specter of war.
The Foundation is being launched right now, with Russia's aggression against Ukraine.
Where in less than 2 weeks since the outbreak of the conflict, almost 2 million people came to Poland in search of a safe haven from war.
The country has not prepared itself in any way to receive such large numbers of people.

Most of these people have found shelter in the private homes of Poles who have offered to help.

However, several hundred thousand people sleep every day at railway stations, on the cold floor amidst the noise. Where there is a lack of volunteers and hands to work, a lack of food, a lack of daily necessities...

Majority of refugees are mothers with children, often with babies a few months old, who flee with only what they had on hand or could fit in a carry-on bag.

That's why we're doing all this work.