Why did we take the initiative to support refugees from Ukraine?

More than 1,500,000 refugees from Ukraine seek refuge in Poland and need help...

What is the situation today?

Photo of the central station in the capital of Poland (Warsaw).

This is how children spend their day and night while at the station, waiting with their parents for the train.

In places completely unsuitable for this, thousands of people a day rest and spend the night in such conditions. In a hall full of people, noises, screaming and crying.

Reception centers for adults and children in different parts of Poland have been launched.

Capital of Poland (Warsaw).


People organize support on their own and bring help!

Every day, there are hundreds of posts and volunteer requests for help.

"Volunteers don't have access to electricity, so they bring boiling water for tea from a local cafe 50 meters away or ask whoever they can in the area to plug in a kettle. We are asking the governor to set up a stand to serve hot food and tea." - this is a quote from just one post posted on Twitter.

The help from the government is obviously felt and the support they provide. But there is far too little of it and it is not organized on such a large scale as is required and needed.

Hence the appeals of people, ordinary citizens to get involved.

In view of the situation in which all these people fleeing the war find themselves, we must show solidarity and help.

It can happen to any of us, we live in crazy and unpredictable times.

Source: Twitter

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