Subsidies for people who accepted Ukrainians into their homes. The government gave details.

"From Wednesday, March 16, people who have accepted refugees from Ukraine will be able to apply for refinancing of costs. On that day will also start the system of registration of refugees from Ukraine who want to obtain a PESEL number - announced Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration Paweł Szefernaker."

Deputy Minister of Interior and Administration Paweł Szefernaker. | Photo: Paweł Supernak / PAP

- "From March 16, Poles who host Ukrainians in their homes will be able to submit applications for refinancing of costs incurred - said the Deputy Minister. He added that applications should be submitted in municipalities, and on Monday a special form of such an application will be specified.

Adopted on Saturday by the parliament, the special law guarantees financial support for Poles hosting families from Ukraine - 40 PLN [9 USD] per day, or 1.2 thousand PLN [274 USD] per month, for two months.

The money will be transferred retroactively, from the day when the person took in refugees. The application will cover the time the refugees actually spent in the home of the person who rented the place to them.

The refugee refinancing money will not be paid for subsequent days of their stay. - If someone applies and receives funding (...) and continues to help, another application will be needed - said the deputy minister.

- We cannot assume in advance that it will be two, three weeks or two months, as the bill assumes, because there may be various irregularities resulting from the fact that we will pay someone in advance as a state, and later someone will not fulfill this obligation. Therefore, the funds will be paid retroactively," he stressed. He appealed not to rush to the offices on the first day, because it may cause queues when submitting the applications.

The government adopted a law on assistance to Ukrainian citizens

On Saturday, the parliament adopted a law on assistance to Ukrainian citizens. Now the bill will go to the president. The special law guarantees the legality of stay for Ukrainian citizens, as well as their spouses who do not have Ukrainian citizenship, who have come from Ukraine to Poland since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

Pursuant to the special law, refugees from Ukraine will be able to obtain a PESEL number and create a Trusted Profile. They will also be able to take up employment in Poland and gain access to health care".

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