The parliament passed a law on refugee assistance!

The special law on assistance to citizens of Ukraine has been adopted by the Parliament.

Now the law will go to the President.

Parliament meeting - PAP/Radek Pietruszka

The law on assistance to citizens of Ukraine. What does it contain?

"The special law guarantees legal residency for Ukrainian citizens, as well as their spouses who are not Ukrainian citizens, who have come from Ukraine to Poland since the beginning of the Russian invasion. Most of the provisions of the special law do not apply to Ukrainians who were in Poland legally before the war. However, the expiration dates of their visas and residence permits, which would have expired during the war, will be extended by the end of the year.

According to the bill, the stay of Ukrainian refugees in Poland is to be considered legal for 18 months. However, the Senate introduced an amendment, as a result of which the stay is to be recognized as legal indefinitely. According to the law, after 9 months the refugees whose stay was recognized as legal can apply for a temporary residence permit for 3 years.

Under the special law, refugees from Ukraine will be able, among other things, to obtain a PESEL number and set up a Trusted Profile. They will also be able to take up employment in Poland and gain access to health care. Pupils and students will be able to continue their education in Polish schools and universities. Refugees from Ukraine will also be entitled to financial assistance. According to the act, they will receive a single sum of 300 PLN [68,5 USD] per person."

Article source:,79cfc278

The text has been partially translated into English.