"We need urgent help to equip the ambulance going to Kiev with equipment and bandages!" - Volunteers

Great work of Polish volunteers, who since the outbreak of war launched a network of coaches that were sent to the Polish-Ukrainian border to help transport refugees!

photo: Maciek Szymoński

Today they are launching another initiative and appeal for help.

Here is the post translated into English:

"We need your urgent help to equip the ambulance going to Kiev with equipment and bandages (bandages, gauze, tourniquets)!

But one step at a time. We are a group of volunteers who have already transported almost 900 people from the border to Krakow with our own funds and efforts. We decided to stop our buses because the local authorities have introduced a more coordinated way of transport, for which we are very grateful. We rested a bit and gained strength to move forward with a new idea, which if realized, will save lives and health of those who stayed in Ukraine.

We received a request for help that we couldn't ignore and we took on a whole new task. We need your help like never before! We have until Thursday evening to equip and deliver from Krakow to the border an ambulance for the hospital in Kiev in time for the convoy which leaves there. The vehicle you see in the picture has already been purchased thanks to Mrs. /Oryna Chubych and is ready to go but has no medical equipment.

All hands on deck! We need:

  • a defibrillator (it will be bought by us, with the funds that Bartosz Bytnar has left from the collection for coaches)

  • a resuscitator (we are looking for one!)

  • Respirator (we are looking for one!)

  • Bandages, dressings and medicines (list on the attached photo).

We count on you very much! I don't have to tell you how much this ambulance is needed there. Time counts!"

Original post here [facebook]: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pomocdlaukrainypl/permalink/708257347195644/