Within just a few days of the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, over 1,500,000 people from Ukraine,

mostly women and children, arrived in Poland.
They are staying in various places, including unsuitable places, lacking food, first aid supplies, protective equipment,

daily necessities and much more.

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As a foundation we want to systematically transfer humanitarian aid to all refugees who are already in Poland and those who are still arriving.

The situation is getting worse and worse, and mainly Polish citizens are involved in all the aid.

By accepting refugees into their own homes and offering full support.

But the capacity of the Polish people is on the verge of being exhausted.

Cities are not efficient, there is a lack of places and all basic products.











The number of places to stay that are made available (world).
























Status as of 12.03.2022.



Support for all those in need is not unnecessary right now,

and there is no telling how they will fare in the coming weeks or months!
It is an absolute disaster that such open military conflicts are happening in the 21st century,

with children dying in the streets every day.

Our support includes:


There are many places across the country that need urgent help.
It is ordinary people who provide everything on their own to bring support.
However, private funds are running out, limiting the ability to support the various areas that need to function every day.

There is a shortage of food in every form.
We want to systematically provide, as far as it is financially possible, hot meals (use catering solutions),
dry provisions (products with a long shelf life), fresh fruit and snacks for children.

Hygiene products.
These are products that are used every day.
There are a lot of women and small children (even a few months old).
There is a shortage of pampers, wet wipes, nappy rash ointment, toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrushes and such products.

Remember that many people left immediately without taking any items with them.

Only what they managed to take in their hand or in a handy bag.
A lot of people are sick and need medication.
Volunteers and access to doctors who provide prescriptions are thriving, but it is mostly volunteers and people helping refugees who buy these medications for them.
Also in this aspect, we want to help those most in need.
In various public places and refugee centers, we are in contact with volunteers who will provide information about the missing funds to buy medicines for the most needy. Many people have heart disease, high blood pressure, need tranquilizers or even insulin to fight diabetes.

Safety measures
Masks, antibacterial agents, gloves and other measures are needed to keep both volunteers and refugees safe.
Many cases of illness in public places have already been reported because special precautions were not taken.
Fungal infections are also occurring because people using the showers do not have shoes and there is a lack of cleaning products.
These products are also needed in very large quantities and we need to ensure that they are supplied.

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